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Navigating Life's GPS

In this episode, Omar takes the mic solo while co-host JP enjoys a well-deserved break. Omar opens up about the exciting news of expecting his third child and delves into the joys and challenges of being a parent later in life. As a father-to-be at 44, Omar shares his perspective on starting anew and the blessings that come with it.He also reflects on the importance of setting and revisiting goals. Using his experiences, Omar illustrates how life's journey, with its unexpected detours and challenges, is essential in shaping us. He likens this journey to using a GPS for navigation, emphasizing the value of consistent goal review and adjustment.

Ryan Pineda's WealthCon 2024 was...

Join hosts Omar and JP on the Expand Podcast as they dive into Ryan Pineda's Wealthcon, a dynamic social media event for realtors, entrepreneurs, and investors. Discover inspiring stories shared by thousands at this unique gathering where business meets passion.

Buying more doors in 2024

On today’s podcast we reflect on the lessons learned from real estate and personal growth. We discuss overcoming a major financial setback, the insights gained from evolving relationships, and balancing business with smart investing. This episode offers straightforward, real-world experiences on turning challenges into opportunities for growth and success.

Let Go of 2023

In this episode, Omar and Jp talk about everything that happened in 2023 but more importantly they dive in to what's actually going on in 2024.were here in southern California and Gavin Newsom has been making a lot of noise with tenants and free healthcare.get deep with Omar and Jp and see how we can come together in 2024 and do bigger things that will help change lives.

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