Renovate It

Our Renovate It Program

We’re extremely proud of our Renovate It program because it empowers sellers to maximize profits as much as possible. You’re ready to start the next chapter of your life, but you also know that your home requires some serious renovation…so what’s the next step?  

Our renovation program might be ideal for your specific situation.  


Prepare For The Market

It can be stressful to think about the costly repairs necessary to prepare your home for the market. Our professionals will help assess what needs to be fixed or upgraded, renovate your home, and make sure it’s completely ready for you to get the most value you can. 

We’ll make the major and minor updates and improvements to invite and excite buyers! We also offer stylish exterior and interior updates to ensure the most profit for you.


Partner With Professionals

Our professionals have helped fix and list homes for almost two decades. Avoid out-of-pocket expenses, fix your home, and get higher offers ASAP! We work closely with you to identify your unique renovation needs and what makes sense in terms of market results. 

Your home may currently have special circumstances that prevent you from selling. When you partner with us, you can address those issues to ensure that you get top dollar for your home instead of settling for less.


Don’t Give Your Home Away

We completely understand that you may not want to sell your home outright. With our renovation program, you can keep your equity, renovate your home, and avoid selling your home for less than the value you could get. Don’t give your house away when there are other options available!  

Our renovation crew will help transform your home and unlock its true potential. Through this program, you can maintain equity in your home without being forced to sell for less. We’re proud that we can give back to the community by helping you renovate and increase the value of your home.


Start Renovating With Direction

Work With Omar In Renovation That Brings Results